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Rip Trip ...8/ 15,16 or 17???? - sign on here

Guys, I just got on to the forum by borrowing a neighbors computer. I can not seem to get on the forum though my mobil internet. I spoke with Keith this morning and although this is short notice he can go this sat,sun or mon. I have no idea what the tides are nor do I care. He has advised that it is very hectic down there in the rips on the weekend with many boats. He is warning us that they may head in close. That being said, I am prepared to go down any of those three days...$600 for the trip, max 12 or 13 guys. so $ 40 to $60 per guy. I WILL NOT be in contact starting tomorrow so I called Juro to ask if he can orgainize. If he can not he should say so here and one of you guys or all of you should juggle the logistics. You CAN contact me by email which I can get though my mobil. Use the forum email function which I will get. I can not answer 50 get the 10 or 12 here then e-mail me late friday. I will make every attempt to check this forum Friday night. If guys can swing it I would think Monday would be looks good for all three lets do it! If you email me I will email each you my cell and we can work by cell for those who can go.I will check this thread this evening. Over and out
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