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Anisakis Simplex is suspect on the St Jean (8 or 10 fish) and York ( a couple of fish) .The ZEC has been asked to "cull" intestines and from anal region of 70 Salmon from the York for further study . Other rivers have also been asked to do same . One of my fish on the York in early June was really fungussing up on the sides due to rubbing from a friggin net . Scales were completely missing for about a foot and a halve down each side and the skin was starting to bubble up .Sad to see . Since there's hardly any netting "supposedly " it would seem those f--knuts on St Pierre et Miquelon would be the culprits .
The York was at mid July levels early last week and is now (as of Sunday) 6 inches higher . Sector 3 emptied out on the 24th and on Saturday fish were observed continously jumping the falls at Chutes All Gaspe peninsular rivers are up from 6 inches to 2 ft ! Gaspe ZEC office was surprised at the "aggressive " number of fishermen that turned up during the C&R period .Methinks other rivers should take note !!!!!!!!!!! Despite the reduced #'s ,as you noticed , there seemed to be a high percentage of takers :-))
Quebec's North Shore rivers seem from reports to be doing well .
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