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Dartmouth and St.-Jean Rivers

I got back to upstate New York last evening after a 16 hour drive from Gaspe, Quebec. We fished the Dartmouth Zone 2 for 4 days and the St.-Jean Zone 1 for 2 days. I released 7 and lost 3 on the Dartmouth and never rose a salmon on the St.-Jean. Our favorite pool had filled in, so we had to fish the others. We found salmon in 2 different pools, but they were not intered in anything we threw at them. We saw 2 very sick salmon on the St.Jean and other fishermen also saw some dead or sick salmon --- not good!

The water conditions were on the low side, but good enough to bring in a few salmon and the first grilse. It's raining there now, and the raise in water should bring in the second run of salmon.

Earle Fletcher
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