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Grand Bahamas Bonefish Report

Hello Board,
I finally had my chance on the bow at the beginning of May for 3 days of guided fishing. Thanks to everyone who has helped with recommendations and input.

The weather was pretty windy, but lots of sunshine. I fished the east end exclusively and caught a lot of fish and had a great time. I shared a boat with my dad and we averaged about 10 fish a day between the two of us. Fish were a pretty good size with about a 5 lbs average with a few bigger, a few smaller.

The wind made it pretty tough to see as well as i would have liked. I would say it was blowing 10 on average. I understand from the guides that normal for this time of year is much more calm. I'd be interested to know thoughts on wind from some of you bonefish vets.

Our first two days we fished out of McLeans town. We waded for half a day the first day and this is how i caught my first bone. we got back on the boat and caught several more. While heading in, we saw a bunch of bones spawning in a creek and were able to catch a few that way, too, which was fun and interesting. I also saw about a 40lbs tarpon there, but wasn't rigged for one.

The second day i was a little more dialed in to the fish, although it was still windy, and we caught about 10 for the day.

THe last day we fished the east end, but on the north side. the day started off with the guide taking us on a 20 minute boat ride to the flat. he was heading straight for dry land and i kept thinking he was going to either kill the engine or turn the boat, but he ran us aground. I rolled my eyes thinking this was going to be a long day. 10 minutes later, once the boat was free, the guide was polling and i was in to my first fish. we ended up having a great day on the flats. by my third and last day, i could see a lot more fish.

a few takeaways. I definitely blew more fish than i thought i would. the wind had a lot to do with this. i had really practiced my casting before going and was pretty dialed in. however, i had a tough time in the 15 mph winds. i also learned that store bought leaders are easier. i tied a bunch of my own before going, but my first leader had a bum knot and that shot my confidence in them so i switched and it was easier that way.

here's one tip that really helped that i haven't seen before so here goes. chew gum on the casting deck. it helped to slow down my casting stroke and keep my nerves in check. so there you go.

grand bahamas is great because you can stay in a decent hotel and still get an out island feel by going to the east end of the island.

all in all it was a great trip and i can't wait to go back.
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