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Originally Posted by petevicar
The loop made with the nail knots works well in fact I use it. Over the top I put some electrical type silicone tubing which shrinks when heated to seal the knots.
I then tie a bimini in the backing and use a loop to loop connection. Make the bimini loop at least a foot long so that the reel can pass through it.

With regard to the length of leader. I use a maximum of 9ft when using large flies. Any longer makes it difficult to turn the line over.

You should be OK with a 9wt set up for tarpon up to 50lbs but anything larger may give you problems.

I have caught tarpon up to 70lbs in Cayo Largo in Cuba at that time of year.

Thank Pete

I will give it try tonight. I am going to Cayo Santa Maria at the end of May. Hopefully the Tarpons are in the area. I should give you a run down on my set up to see if you have any suggestion. A 9wt fly line attaching to a piece of 5 ft 40lb flurocarbon material using a loop to loop connection. At the end of the butt section, I attached a piece of 2ft long 30 lb leader then another 2ft long 20 lb leader using a regular blood knot for the connection. At the end of the 20 lb leader, I made a loop using a perfect loop knot then attach to a piece of 10 inch 100lb shock tippet. I tie the fly to the shock tippet using a Homer Rode loop knot. i will tie all of the Tarpon flies to a piece of shock tippet with a loop at the beginning for quick fly change. Do you think this is a good set up for a beginner ?

Thank you
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