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loop to loop connection between flyline and backing

Hi I am a new guy and only caught a few Bonefish with a fly rod. I need some help for preparing my first Tarpon fishing trip.
I am trying to make a loop to loop connection between a 9wt Scientific Anglers FW floating saltwater fly line to a 30 lb braided backing for my upcoming Tarpon fishing trip. Does anyone got any good suggestion? I want to be able to change the fly line in case the Tarpons are in deeper water.

I have heard that making a small loop at the end of the fly line then tie 3 nail knots on it using a piece of mono line to keep the loop together. Is it a good suggestion?

What is the best total length of the leader including the butt section and the shock tippet for Tarpon fishing ?

I am going after the 50 lb size Tarpon in Cuba at the end of May.

Thank you
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