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Fly line recommendation for Puerto Rico Tarpon Trip

I have a tarpon trip setup in Puerto Rico next month and the guide recommended at least a sinking tip line. I am bringing a 10wt that has Rio Outbound Tropical on it but he recommended I bring a 8wt as well. I have SA Bonefish intermediate in 8wt, but it has terrible memory and casts poorly in my opinion. I like RIO lines better than SA lines in general because that seem to tangle less, but I would love to be able to use the line for other applications (maybe deeper water bonefish or something). Any ideas on an 8wt tropical line that casts well on a GLoomis GLX, but has at least a sink tip, and might be versatile enough to use on future trips? I am hopeful the technology has progressed in the past couple of years and a good solution is out there.
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