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Originally Posted by n1gdo
Hope this does not turn out badly but I fear it will and we will all lose.
"Any of the below scenarios can work but presently, The Bahamas Government is
introducing new Legislation to eliminate unguided fishing to conserve the
bonefish flats, but not presently enacted"

Thats a quote I got from a lodge owner operator in January 2005 when I was asking about doing a combination of guided and DIY. So this is nothing new and I do not think it is imminent. I don't think that legislation ever got very far and that it was something that some guides and lodge owners were trying to get passed to their benefit.

I think that each island has kind of taken care of itself as far as working out a happy or in a few cases not so happy median between guided and DIY fishing. Some are mostly guided fishing, some mostly DIY and some a combination of both.
If you look at Acklins the guided operations seem to do well along with those that cater to DIY.

I too would favor a liscense of some type to support the fishery in the Bahamas.
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