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Petition to help save 2 atlantic salmon rivers on Quebec North Shore


Hello everyone

The Association for the Protection of Salmon and Pentecote River is gearing up to present at the end of APRIL their petition to

Mr. Jean Charest, Prime Minister of Québec,

Mr. Claude Béchard, Minister of Natural Resources

Mme Line Beauchamp, Minister of Environment

Mme Laurence Méthot, Mayor of Port Cartier

We now need your help to collect signatures by the end of April. It’s urgent and very important!

How you can help:

1. Sign our online petition

2. Print the petition and pass it around!

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, colleagues and family to sign. The more, the better!

Then, send it/them ASAP to

L’Association de Protection du Saumon et de la Rivière Pentecôte
1875 Jacques Cartier
Pointes Aux Anglais, Qc
G0H 1R0

Thanks and good petitioning!

This petition is to stop the planned construction of 2 hydro electric dams, one on the Aux Rocher river and the other on the Pentecôte river both rivers are located on the North Shore of Quebec.

This petition will help protect the right of the citizens of Port Cartier and Rivière Pentecôte who are against such a construction.

All the citizens of the City of Port Cartier including Rivière Pentecôte, Baies des Homards and Pointes Aux Anglais and all the friends of both atlantic salmon rivers want you to help them stop this environmental disaster.

Here are some important factors to retain

Both the Aux Rocher River and Pentecôte Rivers are listed as ATLANTIC SALMON RIVERS by the Quebec government.

The Aux Rocher River as an existing organization that puts its atlantic salmon in high importance and has been working since the 80's in protecting and improving salmon habitat. Today the Aux Rocher has a strong run of 1500 salmon compared to 100 in the late 70's The citizens of Riviere Pentecôte are also planning a similar program to help increase salmon population and improving salmon habitat. The projected increase of salmon in the Pentecôte river after implementing such a program will be 1600, today we have an average run of 400 salmon.

The Pentecôte River is the only atlantic salmon river that is not a ZEC or private club west of Sept iles. This river offers free fishing to all tourist and local anglers.

The city of Port Cartier and AXOR are planning a 33 MW hydro electric project on the Pentecôte River and the city of Port Cartier and Regional Power inc are also planning to build a 42 MW hydro electric on the Aux Rocher river, we all know that hydro electric dams and atlantic salmon are not compatible, that's why we are asking you to help us stop these projects.

On February 20 & 21 2009 the citizens of Rivière Pentecôte voted 61 % against the Pentecôte River project, this vote reflects that the citizens are not interested in such a project. The Mayor said publicly that she will not consider the vote and will go forward with the project anyway. This is a unacceptable and we ask you again to help us stop this nonsense once and for all

These are all the reasons that all the petitioners are demanding you to suspend both projects immediately and put a stop to all Hydro Electric project on the Aux Rocher river and Pentecôte River.

This list will be updated every night

To receive this petition in a printable document via email

To download this petition

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