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Had an incredible trip! Here is a quick report:

Day 1: Half day due to travel so I didn't have any expectations. Managed to get on the water quickly and chase feeding fish up and down the beach. Fish were a little spooky due to swimmers in the area. Managed three fish in the two to three pound range.

Day 2: First full day on a bonefish flat in over a year and, of course, a huge front blew in. Lights were out and didn't see the sun all day. I found an incredible area way off the beaten path and decided to give it a go anyway. Fishing was tough and the wind was blowing 30+ but still managed six fish. Two seven pounders, two around five and two around three. All in all a great day without the sun.

Day 3: Front was still there. Minimal sun but managed four fish in the three to six pound range.

Day 4: Finally a blue bird day. Wind was still howling but at least I could see. It all came together on day 4. Had my first fish two minutes after getting out of the car. Took a few fish on an outer beach. Hooked up a number of times on a small creek as bones started to vacate on a falling tide. I then moved outside and took a number of fish working in the surf over some coral heads. The cherry on top was finding tailers in the surf on the long walk back to the car. Took a few fish there before calling it a day. The day was incredible! Lost track after at least a dozen fish!

I'm thinking about a return trip in late April if anyone is interested. 25+ fish in three and a half days with two of those days being almost completely blown out.

Here are some pics
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