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Absolutely no experience tarpon fishing circle hooks or not. Did you get a chance to ask Andy Mill at the Bear's Den show Sat? I haven't had good experience with circle hooks in general fly fishing. I get using them for bait since the fish tends to swallow the bait and the circle hook has a chance to do its thing. Many of the takes I have seen on video in tarpon fishing have the fish coming up from behind the fly and eating it. They don't seem to swallow and close that big mouth on it which seems like the circle won't have a chance to get set in the corner of the mouth. With that said I see more missed strikes than an advantage. Especially if the fish runs at you and you need to strip like mad to get tight. Curious what your logic is on them? I know some guys use them for tuna/albie flies with success but I haven't had luck with them myself.

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