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From my experience I like the circle hooks better for the smaller (say, 5 -30 lb) fish, but like an Owner Aki for the larger fish. I try hard to use a good hard strip strike; for large fish I use the two hand rod handle straight back (if I have time). Often this is followed almost immediately by having to bow (more like a deep-knee bend) to the fish and push the rod forward with full arm extension when the fish jumps.

My unproven theory is that with small fish the strike will often move the fish through the water instead of the hook into the bony mouth parts. The mechanics of the circle hook seem to overcome this better.

I would estimate my "stay stuck" ratio has been about 50% with the smaller fish, but probably 80% with the larger fish. Of the fish that did not stay stuck, at least 50% were off on the 1st jump.
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