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Offseason Exercise/Training for Fly Casters

We all know that stretching, exercise, and weight training are important activities for the aging athlete. Marriage, parenthood, and that nuisance thing I call a job are all decreasing the amount of time I have to do these things and starting to feel the effects in my casting arm.

For the first time ever, I've noticed that I can't just pick up the fly rod and double haul a long booming cast without feeling "something" in my wrist, arm, shoulder, back or like this weekend all of the above. Something is typically just a tired/sore shoulder but more and more includes back muscle cramping or significant shoulder pain.

When I used to fish 3+ times per week this wasn't a problem but now that my time is limited I know I have to be more cautious or risk serious injury. What do other's do to keep their casting arms strong and limber when casting isn't possible?

I plan to add pre-casting stretches to my fishing day routine and looking for some form of fun exercise that I can do in parallel with something else (e.g. while on a teleconference). Hitting the weights will be a goal; but, as I stated above, time really prevents me from going to the gym.
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