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Hello all...

Ahhh the PICASSE!!! first of all, a little side note. Picasse is an old French word that means ANCHOR... it is an old slang word... The reason it was dubbed the Picasse is because the first time it was used we sat in the canoe and chose a new fly that Marc had tied. It was HUGE and when it hit the water it made a huge splash like an anchor hitting the water. An apprentice guide dubbed the fly the PICASSE!

After tying these flies for a while with Marc, and hating the fact that the Silver Pheasant would always twist on me, I decided to tie the pheasant in as a collar, A hell of a lot easier and more sexy!!! That is where the collar style came into play...

The Picasse is a GREAT fly when it is overcast or raining, however, the salmon seem to like it just about anytime! I use it in all sizes and it is my go to fly, like I already mentioned, when it is raining.

The axxel flash came about to give a bit more visibility in colored waters. You can use any color you want for the underwing but need to finish off with fox on the top wing. Also, you can use any sort of swanundaze you want but black or brown are the original colors used. Also, you may want to throw down some yarn under the body to give it some more hold as you tie and also to give a more tapered body style....

Have fun!!


David Bishop
Independent Salmon & Trout guide
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