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Originally Posted by barramundi-uk
If your a Mustad man then looking at your criteria I would suggest Mustad S71 SSS. O ' Shaugnessy pattern - Strong and chemicaly sharpened.

A great hook indeed.
Almost a year has gone by since the above post but I just spoke with my tackle shop here in NY and the owner who has a great online catalog and has been in the business for many years denies that Mustad is planning to discontinue their 34007 hook - he had just spoken with them - says the rumor is not true - also said that doesn't mean that sometime down the road they won't be discontinued but as for today, they are not and he has plenty of stock. He was wondering why his business for the Mustad hooks had increased so drastically lately!

Also, pertinent to the above post on the S71SS, Mustad has discontinued this style # but has replaced it with the exact same style hook but with a "permasteel" finish, no longer stainless steel. The number of this hook is 71SZ in case you are having difficulty locating the old S71SS.

Hope this helps stop the frantic dash to scoop up the remaining 34007's!
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