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it works

Originally Posted by teflon_jones
I've read about this cast in various books over the years, and I've tried using it, but I've never really gotten it to work well. Has anybody here tried it? What was your experience?

If you're not familiar with what I mean by "slingshot cast" then it is basically holding your rod in your normal hand with the line held tight between your forefinger and the rod. Then grasp the bend of the hook between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, flex the rod, and release the fly once the appropriate amount of rod flex is achieved. The rod will straighten out and shoot the fly forward, and you release your grip on the line with your rod hand/finger so that the line can slide through the guides. This assumes the weight of your fly/line that is beyond the rod tip is sufficient to pull more line through the guides.
I have used it a few times over the years,it does work.
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