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Originally Posted by striblue
Jim, really nice and the belt hook up....nice job!!!!! I now have a 14 wt TF but it is hard to throw... I just spoke with Nat Moody at First Light and asked about his custom rods. he indicated that he is not making them anymore and has recommended to me a new 14 wt Sage... which I think I will order from him. Naturally, I would love to have a 18 or 19 wt in my collection but will have to wait that out.
For that type of fishing, I would not buy a Sage. During a long battle one is going to make the occasional mistake, and I've seen the Sage rods explode the first time they're high-sticked. Two mid-priced rods that are far better at lifting, but are still capable casting sticks, are the Cam Sigler and the TFO. Both are under $400.00 (the TFO is under $300.00) and both are available in a 16/17 weight version. I fish the Cam Sigler rods and think they're the best value on the market. You could just about buy two of them for what one Sage would cost and you'd have to seriously high-stick a Sigler to have it break.
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