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TiCrX 2-hand conversion blanks?

Temple Forks TiCrX series rods have an available two-hand conversion kit for 7 or 8 WT blanks. Two additional butt sections replace the conventional one-hand butt to complete the transformation from a 9' one hander to an 11'3" two-hander.

Two winter projects I've been considering are building a fast 7WT to fill a gap in my rod arsenal and also would like to enter the two-handed rod market as I'm doing more and more big water fishing... TFO does sell TiCrX blanks (a great value, IMHO) but not the conversion butt sections. Thinking it would be a really nice touch to custom build both the base rod and conversion blanks, I dropped an email to TFO

Here's what I got from a TFO rep:
"...We do not currently have the Conversion Kit available as a blank. We usually sit down late in the summer to select the new additions to the line-up. There have been a number of requests for Conversion Kit blanks and sizes. I am sure they will be among those considered for production. Check back later this summer and I may have good news for you."

If anyone else out there has a similar interest in TiCrX base/conversion blanks you might want to voice your interest to TFO. Worst case I'll build the base rod and buy the pre-made conversion kit.
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