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I dont' know about the specific model you're talking about, at $800 new it sounds like a considerably bigger craft than the one I have. Mine is the 'day tripper' model that Orvis sells made by WaterSkeeter. I'm on my second, by no fault of either Orvis or Waterskeeter.
I took mine out on the river for a duck hunt one day...that's right, a duck hunt. It worked great, floating down the river and shooting unsuspecting ducks. I think when they saw me they took so long trying to figure out what I was that they forgot to fly away until I got really close. Anyway, I got about a mile downstream, and decided it was about time to head back to the truck. I hooked up a little tow-rope and dragged the day tripper on the snow behind me back to the truck. I didn't realize until I got there that I was fraying the nylon on the bottom of the pontoons. They were quite frayed at the end of the drag. I called Orvis, told them the whole story and they went way overboard sending me a new one in under a week. I returned the damaged one to them, and all has been well since.
I used the first one probably a dozen times before I ruined it. I've used the second one for about 4 years now, probably an average of 5 or 7 trips a year, and it's performed flawlessly. The design is very well thought out, and the construction is bullet proof, as long as you don't drag it around in the snow and ice.
I've been in a few other float tubes and catarafts, the Day Tripper is the best I've been in. I'll also mention I'll continue to buy anything I can from Orvis - their customer service is second to none.
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