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Your right about the bait and summer fish and having a more open minded selective fishery would still give the bait fisherman an opportunity to participate in fishing on that stretch of river or lake. They would not have to go out and buy expensive new gear. All they would have to do is go to an artificial with single barbless hook. Some would not but many would do so.

I just can't see where making certain waters fly fishing only when the general population that fish that area don't fish that way. What difference does it make on what type of rod one uses when in the end it's the hook that strikes home. Why should we care what type of artificial is used lure or a greenbut skunk fly as long as it's barbless and the owner takes care in playing and releasing the fish.
Yes all could learn how to fly fish but I would hate to outfit a family of 4 with fly gear that is required to safely land and release a steelhead. A lot of fishermen have no interest in fly fishing so why should they have to learn. We need to have more people participate and through participating become involved in conservation. We fly fishermen need help on the conservation side if we isolate and try and do it ourselves we will loose every battle that needs to be fought.

Another point brought up is that a guy using gear and a lure is going to hook more fish and the possibility of a fish going belly up are greater. All I can say as far as summer run steelhead are concerned their are a lot of good fly fisherman out there who can fish summer fish as well as any lure fisherman. On the gear side one can argue that because it's heavier gear than fly gear fish are released quicker therefore fish have a better chance. Don't know if that's true but it's a good argument.
All have a good weekend and enjoy your fishing if you go.
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