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My suggestion would be the non-slip mono loop or the very similar Kreh loop. Though you'll need to practice a bit these knots are more than capable of being tied on 60lb. Don't try more than about three wraps after going through the loop and it'll close with a little help from your finger and thumbnails. Of course you can always resort to the 3 1/2 turn clinch knot (unimproved clinch knot.) This one is really easy but the fly doesn't behave as enticingly as it would with a loop knot. 60lb is perfect for most tarpon situations, but is not needed for permit. In fact, no shock leader is needed at all for permit. I use 15-18lb Grand Max fluorocarbon with a four foot tippet on a 12-15' leader depending upon the wind and to some degree the depth of the water.
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