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Originally Posted by juro
But everyones eyes (and perceptions) differ. A happy angler is one who has found something that works for him/her.
Well summarized Juro

Thanks to all for the feedback and seems the opinion of the forum mimics the marketing press, for the most part.

Conclusion: Primary Glasses (shallow water) - Buy another pair of smith frames in Copper tint and buy after market side shields (if I can find them, still looking). Seem to be a great value (cost vs. performance) and very common amongst fisherman.

Secondary Glasses (open waters)- Buy a decent pair of grey lens in a light weight sport frame (side glare less of a concern/impairment). Maybe pick up some cheap $20 glasses in green and blue for experimentation...

Now the tough part... Convincing my wife that I really need to spend what will likely be >$200 bucks on a pair(s) of sunglasses
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