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Originally Posted by juro
I haven't tried green yet but own both (high-end) grey and copper. My retinas disagree that copper is unilaterally better than grey as a blanket statement.

Copper is better for contrast flats spotting situations. Grey is better when color is key and contrast is not the visual queue.

Could be the northern flats striper angler faces more color-based situations than the tropical angler, although I have taken advantage of / suffered from both in either situation.

I have been in situations where the subtle green color tones of the slow-cruising slack current ghostly bones over marl are the only clue of their presence, but it's much more common for me to queue on movement by color on Monomoy's grainy sand flats.

I'm curious to try the greens but not expecting quite the returns the hype would lead us to believe.
I've tried grey in the tropics and haven't found it effective at all. Most of the experts suggest grey for bluewater angling, but it could be that they'll work on the striper flats. When I was on the Cape last June I only had my copper Smith Optics and they seemed to be fine. Perhaps this year I'll bring my grey lens pair and see if there is any difference.

This discussion points out another problem. Having multiple pairs of glasses for different conditions can get seriously expensive and can become almost prohibitively expensive if you require prescription glasses. My older pairs, like the greys I mentioned above, are from an older prescription so although I use them on occasion, they are really backups now as I don't have quite 20/20 vision with them.
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