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Originally Posted by Paxton
My advise is to go to a reputatable optician/optometrist and have them order for you.........mine said that he would replaceme them for no cost if i was disatisfied with the quality.
No need...they are perfect!

I tried that, too. The problem was that they couldn't offer what I wanted. If all you want is a polarized brown or grey lens they have no problem doing that. My Smith Optics had polychromatic polarized copper lenses and that was the minimum I wanted. Copper lenses are far superior for spotting fish in flats' fishing situations than grey and quite a bit better than the garden variety brown. Better yet, are some of the newer green tint lenses, but I couldn't find those available in a RX yet. The closest I came was the Spotters which is why I ordered them. You might be in luck if you find an optician who fishes, but otherwise I found that they often had no idea what I was asking and couldn't understand the need for what I wanted.
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