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I've owned a pair of Costa Del Mar glasses for 4 years Love them! They are a full wrap around design but the lense does wrap around...the frame sides do, are plastic with insert plastic shields.........they work well for my heavy RX as there is no distortion by the lense. Fits and self adjusts to the shape of your face after a couple of wearings.........light is totally blocked out and the fact that the lense itself doesn't wrap reduces foggging up on long walks as well as sweat or sun tan lotion getting on the lenses..
My lenses are are right...there is no distortion of color...I do 90% salt....never had a problem spotting fish although I haven't used other colored lenses to compare.
re polarization and head tilt.......according the optomologist I orderred them from,..."head tilt to increase polarization effect is not necessary if whoever makes them, lines up the lenses properly"........he made a notation on the order, and i never have to tilt my head.
My advise is to go to a reputatable optician/optometrist and have them order for you.........mine said that he would replaceme them for no cost if i was disatisfied with the quality.
No need...they are perfect!

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