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Thanks for feedback so far...

Luckily I don't need RX, yet!

Smcdermott - where did you get the after-market shields? I haven't seen those yet. This might be the solution I'm after. Gives flexibility to put on/off as needed.

JR SPEY - The pair I had were Smith Action optics as well. Hope your Andros trip is fruitful and definitely interested in feedback on the spotters. I'll google spotters next chance I get and check them out.

jfbasser - Agree, tilting your head technique can help 'tweak' the last bit of glare reduction from the surface (water, road, etc..) you are looking at. This is because of the quality of polarizer, orientation of lenses w/ frame/eye, and some other environmental/physical factors related to the alignment of electro-magnetic fields of light the w/ respect to the orientation of the polarizer (I think... My photon-optics skills are a bit a rusty).

The main concern I have is over reflections on the inside surface of the lens (between eye ball and lens). This reflected light isn't affected by the polarizers the same way so tilting head won't work. Wearing a broad rim hat, fat frames that seal up to your skin, and other tricks help but aren't always practical/functional.
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