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Lost my good pair of sunglasses late last fall trying to land a large, foul hooked, landlock. Too bad nobody had a video camera as I'm sure America's funniest home videos would have gotten a chuckle.

I really liked the lens tint (copper) for our freestone streams here in VT and backcountry flats in Florida; but, the frames didn't shield out enough light from the sides and behind. A lot of annoying reflections/glare on the inside surface.

Looking for any recommendations for the following:

1) (Replacement) A pair of shades w/ frames that have shields or other feature to block inside surface reflections (e.g. Costa Del Mar Man O' War)
a. Will be used predominantly in shallow fresh waters (streams, rivers, lake flats, etc...)
b. Not sure I'd say price is no object; but, I'm willing to shell out big bucks for this pair.
c. Lenses should be available in a copper/amber tint

2) (Upgrade) A pair of shades for open water fishing on Lake Champlain, Great Lakes, and Inshore/Offshore in Mid-Atlantic thru New England area
a. I Use gray tint currently, are Blue/Green really any better? Seems that gray should provide the truest colors while decreasing brightness. But, I like the idea of getting a little more contrast for ocean use (Stripers, Blues, Albies, etc...
so thinking something w/ glare guards (e.g. Costa Del Mar Man O' War) w/ copper or amber lenses. The other pair will be for open waters. For the later, I'm interested mostly in feedback on lense tings saltwater in Floridaone for fresh water streams/rivers and shallow pond/lake fishing
b. Not sure about frame style for these. I've had many different types over the years and haven't concluded any preferences yet.

Appreciate any feedback.
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