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I don't disagree but I would add to that by saying single barbless hooks. Single meaning one point.. There is a lot of confusion about single hook on the Deschutes and many many gear fishermen use lures with 1 treble hook thinking they are fishing a single barbless hook.. Also anywhere where fish are in need of protection the first thing to go should be bait. I bait fished for years and especially with summer runs no matter how good of a fisherman you are they often "swallow" a bait especially roe.
I have been reading a few studies on catch and release mortality on chinook and coho. We tend to think of thoes two species as very strong and hardy but studies conducted on the Frazer river in BC suggest that both chinook and coho have alarmingly high mortality rates Especially when caught and released on bait.

Anyway I agree I don't think there is a need for fly only water but certainly single barbless no bait regs.
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