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Well I finally found my way back here. ....I read the site alot and I think Josko needs his head examined....Good god man, you have the best offshore tuna fishing for world class fish in your own backyard. In all the years I have known you I have never seen a whippy stick in your hand east of chatham....
Getting a 100lb bluefin to take feathers takes alot of skill from both angler and captain. I am immensely addicted to I know guys like Sean Mc are as well....
When I have a day off, I get the usual blank faces at the ramp..."Where is your tuna gear".....They dont see the 4 flyrods tucked away under the gunwale cuz that is all I carry on my off days....
If trolling east of chatham has become too easy or too predictable then my suggestion *if your looking for a challenge* is to take the whippy sticks only with a couple other addicts and go partake in one of fly anglings last great adventures...
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