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My sense is that consistent success in blue water flyfishing comes from a committment to the approach. The way the boat is set up - outriggers, live chum etc., along with covering a lot of water looking for signs of breaking fish. That said, there's nothing wrong with going out with bluewater fly gear rigged and ready for the 'bonus' shot. But then it's a game of chance.

Locations are a big factor also. Cabo, Panama, Costa Rica all spring to mind when I think about blue water fly fishing. One of my goals is to get back to Christmas Island and dedicate a couple of days to working the deep waters right at the edge of the reef. I've watched tuna busting on schools of flying fish at sundown within 500ft of the reef edge down there.

Why do we bother? I'm not a big fan of the record seeking crowd. But the challenge of successfuly hooking and releasing blue water fish on fly gear can't be denied, at least for me.

If I felt the need to refuel my enthusiasm, I would go back and re-read Jack Samson and Trey Combe's classics.
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