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Reasons for offshore flyfishing


I need some help with a perspective on offshore fly fishing. I duly carry an offshore fly setup or two on most offshore trips, and perhaps 10% of the time get in on some, sometimes spectacular, fly action. The flyrod typically comes out when weíre surrounded by fish, and itís almost too easy to catch them other ways. Then it seems like a way of handicapping oneself for epically easy conditions.
Now thatís in marked contrast to trouting, where a fly is by ffar the most effective fishing method, and there's real beauty, elegance and skill required.
So the question really boils down to what offshore flyfishing means to folks. It seems kind of inane for it to be just a way for handicapping oneself when it's too easy any other way, but thatís what itís become to me, and Iím not sure I like it.
And itís hard to meet dedicated offshore flyfishers. I did meet a few trophy hunters, folks determined to catch, say, all 6 species of billfish on a fly, or all the tuna species, or whatnot. They are driven, true, but somehow the essence of the sport and their pursuit seems hollow.
If somebody can help me put offshore flyfishing into perspective, Iíd hugely appreciate it.
I seem to have kind of lost my way, motivationally.
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