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Sharky's machine...

Just got my #8 salty sharkskin out on the water for the first time today. Couple first impressions.

1) Feels awfully light, as if it were a toy line and not the genuine article. I'm sure this is an illusion of some kind, though, as they'd have to make it somewhere within the standards of the grain-weight for a #8 line. Probably.

2) Lots of people have bitched about the sound this line makes as you cast it. And bitched. And bitched. I've got to say, so far that's my favorite part about the line. I can actually hear my cast, which actually gives me another way to guage the speed of my haul. And, there's no way it makes nearly enough noise to spook fish. No way.

3) It does cast a mile, but the super long head/front taper makes it take a little while to load. I much prefer my Cortland 555 (which they've sadly discontinued) for actual bonefishing so far. Loads in an instant, shoots a mile, and actually floats.

4) Speaking of floating, this line does and doesn't. The line out fron of the rod that I just cast floats high and easy. No worries, but the line beside me does sink and seems to actually grab the water a little more than you're standard line. Of course, there's probably some physicist or engineer as SA that will argue that with me, but it's my feeling so far. (So's you know, I almost strictly wade fish so place a lot of value on a line that floats beside me while I'm waiting to cast and doesn't sink and catch corals, weeds, shoe laces, zippers, and what all else.)

Ok, so 4 isn't a couple, but that's the skinny so far. I'll update later after I've put it through the wringer. For the next 30 days it'll be my designated bonefish, permit, and baby poon line.

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