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no problem driving out on your own, although perry always picks us up early. we are on the water by 8:00 am and off at 4:00. often the various guides will "car pool" as they all will have clients that have to be picked up in freeport, thus making it easier for the guide. however whe i go there are 4 of us so perry almost always does the pick ups and returns, but if you're alone or with one other person, the person picking you up and dropping you off will likely change each day. that said they are always quite prompt.

when it's the 4 of us we often stay out to 5 or 6 if the bite is on or the tides are right. of course we pay extra but perry is amenable. i think he would be particularly so if he did not have to pick you up and bring you back. keep in mind though that the sun is low on the horizon in the early morning and late afternoon thus making seeing the fish more difficult.

if you do book with perry, please let him know that you got your recommendation from neal from boston on the flyfishing forum. it's good for the forum and good for you.
best of luck
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