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Well, got there after Hurricane Paloma has fizzled out crossing Cuba, but, just the same we had dirty weather from Sunday through Thursday. Friday was still breezy, but edging into goodness, while Saturday was absolutely glorious.

We fished mainly with guides, as conditions were such we felt we needed all the help we could get. For those that have been there, we fished with Reno, Garth and Drexel (anyone wanting more specific info, send me a PM), and they got us into fish every day, despite the windy, cloudy weather and a bad tide cycle.

I fished near Harts Well from a kayak with very indifferent results. Again, the wind made things difficult, but there really were very few bonefish on the accessible flats. I did manage to catch a trunkfish while blind casting across one flat (sun went behind a cloud that looked like a monstrous Starship Enterprise and put paid to my sight-fishing on that particular flat).

Tried some DIY stuff one day. Never could find out how to get to the Airport Flats (it's near the new airport, not the old one), but did manage to find some glorious flats near Rolleville. Also tried some flats at Barraterre with indifferent success. Saw some cool starfish, lots of lemon sharks and sting rays, but managed not to step on any of the latter, although we had more than ample opportunity.

Last day out, on a far-off flat out of Rolletown, I saw literally hundreds of bonefish as they squirmed out of the mangroves and started to cross a flat that was at least a half-mile wide. Wonderful, exciting, and very fast-paced fishing. The bonefish themselves averaged three pounds, without much variation, and were more than entertaining. I can see why you guys like them so much.

Hope I can do it again. Soon. (Not bloody likely)

Ate at a nice old bonefish lodge where the lady in residence feeds big ol' lemon sharks in her salt-water swimmin' hole. Way cool.


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