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Easy Peasy (is that how you spell that?)

For years I fished with a pair of Arnette copper lens Swinger Minis I picked up in Hawaii. My good buddy was trying to convert me to Action Optics (Smiths) for a while, especially their glass lens models, but was conflicted on the subject. He said that if they helped me see fish better than those old Arnettes it might be an unfair advantage.

But, I eventually did "upgrade" and have mixed feelings. One, the glass IS heavier, even though Smiths' lenses are very thin and light. Two, the frames seem designed for imaginary heads - either much too big or too small. I have two lens colors in the same style frame and both fit slightly different. Strange. Three, you do have to try them on and while the best prices are online (that I found) it makes it tough to try them on. But, there's a way around that. Go to and order a few pairs that you think you might like, basing the size on the sizes they give. Then simply return the pairs you don't like. Shipping is free both ways! I ordered like 3 frames before I decided on the ones I finally bought.

I will say this for the Smiths: they are crystal clear and I love the photochromatic feature which adjusts to the light conditions. This allows you to fish earlier and later in the day without changing glasses. Also, Smith has a kick-ass service center and lots of their models (especially the glass lenses) come with a lifetime warranty. My only real beef is that they seemed much harder to clean and keep clean than my old "plastic" lensed Arnettes.

Speaking of, I had those since 2004 and they only have a tiny scratch on one of the lenses where I dropped them. If you care for your shades you should have no problem with plastic, and you can't beat the lightness of them. Also, believe it or not, I liked the fact that they DID NOT have that shitty anti-reflective coating on the inside lens. Man that crap is super-hard to clean properly. ANY moisture makes it want to smear like crazy. My advice, stay away from that crap... an example of something that seems like a good idea at the time. Besides, with wrap around frames now light seepage isn't really much of an issue for me, especailly not with my cap pulled down tight. In fact, now that I realize that I might spring for another pair of poly-lens Smiths that DON'T have that coating.

As for flats fishing lens colors, my favorite is really the copper lenses on my old Arnette Swingers.

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