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Hooked Tuna, Fought Tuna, Landed Candy Wrapper

Last Saturday, Jim Miller & I went out with Jeff Smith in search of BFT. The conditions were pretty snotty to begin with and progressed to fairly ridiculous as the morning went on. Jim hooked up first, but after about 40 minutes the hook pulled. A bit later I hooked up: I fought the fish for just shy of an hour, but the hook pulled when the fish was circling 30 ft out (watched it and felt it simultaneously). An empty candy bag had been picked up by the line during the fight; that's what I brought into the boat.

Observations: An 18 wt rod places a premium on your double-hauling technique.
A 130# BFT feels like a brick wall that shakes its' head; when it wants
to runs. (this is a good time to move your hand away from the reel)
In heavy weather, a fishing partner can play a very important role as a mobile leaning post.
I want a re-match.
We live in complex times, what with fishing,sailing and skiing seasons overlapping.

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