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i fish gb regularly, but i only know rolles by reputation, and it's good. like md, i fish the east side out of mcclain's town. i fished the north side once with sam taylor. we were scheduled to fish with him for 7 days but got rid of him after 3. a nice guy who moonlights as a guide ( he's a security guard full time) and lots of laughs, but clueless.

the east side is considered the best place to fish on gb. lots of flats and BIG fish-probably the biggest bones in the bahamas. the guides there are also some of the best you'll find anywhere. most have gone through a rigorous and lengthy training program with north point riding club before venturing out on their own, and their training really shows. consistently very good guides. i always try to book perry demeritte. i think he's the best one, highly professional and highly regarded by other guides. the local hotels book him (and some others) for their clients.

the only draw back with the east side is transportation. while you can rent a cottage in the area, it is remote. we stay in freeport which is real nice with plenty to do and very reasonably priced, but a good hour from mcclains town, although the guides will pick you up and bring you back at no extra charge.
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