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Originally Posted by Venture
You will have a hard time finding fast water for your brass tubes on the Gaspe right now. Unless we get some decent rain here, your one inch brass tube flies will virtually sink to the bottom.

Our river along with most others are quite low and fishing a sink tip here will label you as a poacher or what we call a "sink tipper". You don't want to fish this river with a sink tip if you want to make friends.

Although it is common practice to fish sink tips, weighted flies and tubes in places like Norway, Russia and perhaps Iceland, it is frowned upon in these parts. "Sink Tippers" in these parts have honed their skills as great poachers and known for sticking fish right through there mouths. If you use a sink tip or brass tube on the Matane you will be ridiculed and accused of being a poacher. Regardless of the exact wording of the laws, the "fishing spirit" on most of the Gaspe is carried out with floating lines exclusively, along with unweighted wets and drys.
Hi Venture

I felt I must point out to you that I only fish with sinking lines and brass tubes when the river conditions make it necessary. I much rather fish with dry flies.
I hope that you were not insinuating that I may be a "poacher" because I would be very unhappy about that.
I have fished all over the world for many different species and feel that I am an experienced angler. I have fished for atlantic salmon all over Europe and in a few Canadian rivers. I respect local traditions and am more than just interested in conservation.
However I do not wear blinkers and the purpose of going fishing is to catch fish.

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