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I am off to Gaspe in a couple of weeks and I am trying to get my gear together.

Can I fish with sinking or intermediate lines?
Can I use sink tips?

Can I use flies tied on brass or aluminium tubes?
Can I use weighted flies?

Thanks in advance.



Your question would be more appropriate for spring conditions.

Don’t complicate yourself.

You are at the end of the season, the salmon are mostly all stack in the holding pools, the water level in low and the temperature can be hot.

So go light weight 6,7, 8 weight, lots of dry flies and # 8,10,12 and smaler single or doubles wet flies, are a must.

But just in case, those tube can be effective if Gaspé receives some left over’s from those big storms in the USA, so that rain can and will bring new fish in, especialy on the Dartmouth.

Enjoy the Gaspé.
André Bélaieff
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