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What I said was:
Bones aren't leader shy if you use loop knots...
Last time I was in the Key's I used 16-lb tippet and took a nice ocean-side bone. Andros super-picky big bones: 16-lb tippet. Roatan's ultra-skinny water bones out front of the lodge -- a flat that's pounded by anglers after the day's fishing by paddling kayaks and is also hit hard on days of bad weather -- 12-lb tippet. Little Cayman's super picky bones over the grassy flats of the south coast: 12-lb. I've even caught bonefish on 40-lb. shock-tippet with a 1/0 tarpon fly. Trust me, they couldn't care less about the leader.

What they DO care about is the natural movement of the fly, something that won't happen with heavy tippet and your conventional Clinch Knot. Also, longer leaders are VERY important for spooky bones. In all the above situations (except Andros) I was using 12-ft leaders and I've even gone longer than that if the fish are really picky.

I had a long conversation with Andy Smith (not as famous as Elvis, I'll grant you, but a name most bonefishers know) about the unethical use of light tippet (he agreed that anything under 12-lb was too light). The fact that they even sell 8-lb bonefish leaders boggles my mind, unless you're fishing for baby Yucatan bones under 2 pounds. People assume that since trout are leader shy and spooky, that bonefish, since spooky, are also leader shy. (Actually, I think that notion is also changing due to the increased used of loop knots, at least, based on a couple articles I've just read.)

Finally, I noticed you mentioned flourocarbon. Well, you're certainly right about the differences in brands, but any brand will be stiffer than most mono. Unless I'm fishing over deeper flats (like those in Andros or Hawaii) I stick with quality mono (Deepblue is great) -- mono that's thin, strong, and, most importantly, supple. Now you might think that a bonefisher saying mono is better than flouro is a little crazy but hear me out. First, it is way stiffer than mono (though it's getting better). The suppleness of the leader does help movement of the fly. Second, flouro sinks, which is bad over grassy flats (especially shallow, grassy flats). You end up dragging the fly THROUGH the grass, not over it and the fish won't find it or it'll snag. Fishing some of the deeper flats of the Keys or the Bahamas flouro is great, but I love wading to tailers in skinny water.

Anyways, just the 2-cents of

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