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RE:Freedom to Fish Act

Hi Steve,

You are right about the Hawaii thing. Most of that reserve is for the northern Sandwich Islands where the public is already not allowed because of how fragile these islands are.
When I lived on Maui a few years back the commercial and sport fishermen were very concerned about the waters off Maui becoming a whale sancuary. They thought that it would keep them from fishing and it proved false as fishing was able to continue with little interference.
Out here in Washington State we have many areas in the sound that are marine sancuarys. They seem to be doing well in giving our depleted bottom fish a chance to recover and spread out over more area as they populate.
As for W. if he does anything for us sportsmen I would look into it a little deeper you may find it's just a cover for the land rights issues or for timber, mining,etc. I say this because I had to deal with the, "we are doing this for the sportsmen" durring the Reagan years and the gov went in and clear cut 18 million board feet of timber behind my home. The Goverment went to press to let sportsmen know that they would have a new road into the back country because of this cut. What the sportsmen ended up with was no elk left and some mighty fine little trout streams full of silt. I wish there were some republicans who really wanted a strong healthy enviroment, I might just vote for them!
Better to have the land locked away than to be destroyed.
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