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RE:Freedom to Fish Act

I don't see it as a very big deal. The Executive Order closes 4 million acres of water that includes the Midway Islands that are already a national park. The recreational fishing outfits (I believe there are currently two there) will continue to be allowed to operate. It caps recreational fishing effort at current levels in the remaining 76 million acres and allows continued native subsistence fishing. If you look at the areas that are affected you'll see they are very remote and are basically impossible to reach for all but the largest boats (very few if any recreational boats). In addtion, the areas covered have been heavily overfished by commerical long-liners, and there's still a lot of ocean that is left unprotected and completely open around Hawaii.

Now, I understand the "slippery slope" theories and the fear that this could happen in our own backards, but the reality is it never will. The Dry Tortugas is also fairly remote (albeit it is reachable by smaller boats from Key West) but the effort to make this area a reserve has come under a lot of scrutiny.

As for George "Dumb-ya" overturning the Executive Order, It could happen but I think he's got enough to worry about already.

BTW: Under what circumstances do you approve of Executive Orders being used?

Remember: President Clinton also signed the Executive Order that shut-off the Selective Availability (dithering) on the civilian GPS system.
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