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Freedom to Fish Act

This months Florida Sportsman featured an article by Editor Karl Wickstrom noting a subversive challenge by the government to ignore our rights as recreational fishermen and ignore the success of fisheries management techniques by creating No-Fishing Zones.

On 12/04/00 President Clinton issued an executive order banning recreational fishing from over 4 million acres in Hawaii.

The Dry Tortugas off of Florida are now being targeted, see:

The American Sportfishing Association has had a bill called the "Freedom to Fish Act" introduced by Senator Breaux see: and search for the STATUS of bill s. 3234 for more info.

So what do you think?

We've just had a major slap in the face regarding the striper keeper size - hey who cares if we‘re killing fish in the prime of their breeding life?

How long do you think it will be before something like this happens to the inshore fishermen? It doesn't matter where it starts, now that it has - it's heading our way.

Fire away but most importantly, let's use this forum to find a way to be heard.

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