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The humber is much more than just a August River. The fishing in the upper section of the Humber begins approx. the first week of June, with the majority of the fish for a couple of weeks being in the 10-20 pound range. Approx the thrid week of June the grilse are in full swing. For quantity of fish, this is the very best time on the Humber. This runs till approx the 2nd week of July, then the fishing really tapers off, and gets a little better towards the end of august when the peak of the run of Jacks are in the river. The previous post must of been referring to ONLY the Lower Humber, which is the place to go for monster salmon, but, doesn`t compare to the upper when referring to quantity of fish, mostly grilse though. And the fishing on the Upper Humber is 99% wading with single handed rods, though Spey rods are becoming more popular there every season. They can certainly reach out, but it sucks fishing alongside one.
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