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No akvavit that day thou it was close to easter.
However, it was last day on Acklins, and as I was packing my stuff at the lodge I found an intact bottle of carribean rum
Guess what happend

I got her on my 7 weight back-up rod (65 USD but it lasted). We caught several other Lemons at this size on "clean fly" but to be honest this particular lady was caught with a chunk from a small jack-fish. Im not sure about the hook, but it was an Owner - not that big. Let my dig out more details for my upcoming Acklins trip report
The wire is called "Malin Hard-Wire stainless steel leader"... Single strand seems to do the job and is fairly easy to throw as it doesnt weigh much. Works for Cudas as well

Haha - I cant tell how honoured I am
Will it enclose some sort of cash price as well?

Ohh, btw it wasnt an attempt to steal this thread

Is the world flat?
longer, longer - drop the fly! strip, strip, stop! wait! strip-strike.... I SAID STRIP-STRIKE!
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