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Originally Posted by Smcdermott
Because there are so many great casting rods out there I think its important to consider other qualities. A big one for me is the warranty. I really like the Loomis sticks for just that reason. For ~$60 they will 2 day air out a new rod with a return label for the old stick no questions asked. If you are going to only have one rod to start with for the salt that feature may help break a tie. Not sure if any of the other manufacturers offer that same level of service. I know Sage requires you to send the broken rod back for repair and was a few week turnaround for me last year.

BTW, I agree the 10wt CC GLX is a cannon yet light in the hand. Landed a number of small tuna to 30lbs or so on that stick.

Ditto - I know a lot of Alaskan fishermen are going with Loomis for this very reason. It is a great selling point.
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