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Originally Posted by petevicar

That's spot on
I agree with that also. The sharks that feed on bonefish are going to get enough of them to keep thier belly full whether they take if off the end of a line or not. True that they cull the weak and old but that fish may also be the larger fish. Could be the fish, the dumber ones, that we are able to hook are the ones that are getting culled and if you look at it that way then the ones left are going to be even more difficult to hook. So its still to our advantage to keep as many hooked fish alive as possible.
I try to release every fish I land as best I can but I don't get too upset if a shark or cuda gets one.
One thing I have learned is to pay attention to where you release a fish. I had one nice fish that I hooked on a flat while poling. The flat where it hooked was adjacent to a shallower sand flat with a deeper channel separating them. The guide moved the boat across the chanel and let me get out of the boat to land the fish on the edge of the shallow flat. This meant that I had to pull the fish across the channel to get him to the shallow flat. Well I did land it. I did revive it and I did release it. Where I messed up was releasing it on the side of the channel. That fish hadn't gone 5' before a shark took it. Felt like it took it right out of my hands. I can picture that shark sitting there in the deeper water just watching and waiting for me to let that fish go. Lucky to have all my digits. So I learned that I need to walk up further onto the shallow flat to release the fish and give it a better chance to survive.
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