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Originally Posted by jimS
One of the best strategies to avoid lemon shark/bonefish confrontations is to have a guide that carries and uses a spear. This year at Acklins, we had a guide, David, that carried a spear for spiny lobsters. He was deadly with it on lemon sharks.
I'm hoping your guide uses the spear to scare and not kill the shark. Sharks are in general an endangered species, over fished in many cases to a mere 10% of less of the population 20 years ago. As much as we may adore bonefish, tarpon and permit here, sharks are just as magnificent and in many ways more important to the ocean's ecological balance than the bonefish now that their numbers are severely depleted. I'd be very pissed if my guide did harm to a shark to save a bone. The shark has as much right to live as the bonefish and also has a right to eat a bonefish - it's nature and the natural order of things.

Go read the Shark Chronicles by John Musick to find out more about the subject.
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