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i fish the harbor from my boat and i also do some wade fishing on the cape.

until the passed 2 seasons i used a 9' 9 wt xi2 on both. when i broke it on the flats in may 2007 i temporarily (so i thought) used my peacock bass rod on my boat. it is an 8' 9wt gloomis crosscurrent. i was surprised at how much easier the shorter length rod and the line were to manage from a boat. the shorter length and unusual stiffness gave a huge advantage in the wind and in fighting/controlling big fish particularly in structure. despite its shorter length it casts a lot of line. it comes in 3 piece only. scott over at the bear's den sells them. also it is relatively inexpensive-$350.

when i broke the xi2 i bought a 9wt 9'9" gloomis crosscurrent for the flats while i waited for the sage repacement rod to arrive. the longer crosscurrent is quite stiff for it's length but not quite as stiff as the 8' nor the xi2 for that matter. but , it outcasts the the xi2 by a mile while it stays very light in the hand. it also comes only in 3 piece. i think the cost was $ 390.

about a month after i broke the xi2, sage sent me a new replacement's still in the tube. all of that said, the xi2 is a great rod and has more versatility than either of the crosscurrents.i.e. the longer rod on the boat or the shorter rod on the flats would make for a long day. the xi2 does both very well and better than most.however for specific use-boat or long casting from shore or the flats, check out the crosscurrents. gloomis also makes a 9'crosscurrent in their higher end glx series. it's a 4 piece, has some fancier cork and "magical" guides and a few other appointments. it is a dream to cast and a real cannon. and most importantly it is very versatile, and comparably priced to the xi2,t&t or the biix.

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