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Recommendations for a Striper/Blue Rod?

I just got an invitation to go striper fishing in Boston Harbor. I have a Sage RPL+ 8 wt that I've used for saltwater fishing in the past, but I think this is the perfect excuse to purchase a real saltwater rod. Any suggestions on what to look at? I'm in Massachusetts, so I'll probably use it primarily to fish for stripers and blues. I'm thinking of a Sage Xi2 in either 9 or 10 wt. Is the Sage a good choice or are there others I should look at? And what are folks' opinions on 9 vs 10 wt?

Although I'll probably use this rod almost exclusively for saltwater, it might occasionally have to double as a pike/muskie rod.

Also, should I consider a two-hander for the saltwater? I guess that would make the rod less useful for pike/muskie, but maybe it's a better choice for salt? Is a two-hander just for surf fishing or is it okay on a boat, too. Versatility is probably important, given that this is my first true salt rod.
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